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Behaviour Based Safety

             Behaviour Based Safety Course


We are running our Behaviour Based Safety Course (BBS) in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Senegal…




One Full Day 


Course Objective:


The Behaviour Based Safety course teaches behaviour-based safety, which recognizes unsafe or at-risk behaviors as a frequent cause of both minor and serious injuries. Recognizing safe behaviour and supporting employees to understand consequences of being safe. Proven statistics have shown human error is the leading cause of all incidents.
The aim of the behaviour-based approach is to reduce the occurrence of at-risk behaviour by modifying such behaviours through observation, feedback, and positive interventions.


Course Outline:

  • Safety Performance

  • Safety Culture

  • Behaviour Based Safety

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Human Behaviour

  • Reinforcement and Feedback

  • Safety Leadership


Target Audience:


General Managers, supervisors, health and safety and HR personnel who have responsibility for, or involvement in, the health and well-being of employees as part of their day-to-day duties. Organizations may wish to use it as part of their health and well-being strategy to complement their existing occupational health staff.


Course Benefits:

Upon completion of the Behavioural-Based Safety course, you will be familiar with:

  • Self-assessment and introduction to the awareness of others' behaviour activators

  • Defining behaviour-based safety

  • Understanding how culture, experience and personality affect behaviour

  • Critical behaviours and barriers to safety

  • Awareness level discussion of motivation

  • The basic principles of behaviour-based safety

  • The benefits of a behaviour-based safety process

Accredited Training Center

International safety college is an accredited training center recognised by industry bodies including:

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