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HSE Management System Development

HSSE-MS Development


The ISC provides organizations with a thorough, structured and a comprehensive HSSE-MS through a systematic approach taking in consideration the customer specific needs.


The HSSE-MS is an organized approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. It is more than a manual and a set of procedures and requires safety management to be integrated into the day to day activities of the organization. It requires the development of an organizational culture that reflects the safety policy and objectives.


At the core of the HSSE-MS is a formal Risk Management process that identifies hazards and assesses and mitigates risk.


The following elements represent the program core elements:


  • Safety policy & organization

  • Safe work procedures

  • Safety training

  • Accident & incident investigation & analysis

  • In-house safety rules & regulations

  • Environmental controls

  • Management of contractors

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Risk assessments

  • Security procedures

  • Task observation

  • Emergency preparedness

Accredited Training Center

International safety college is an accredited training center recognised by industry bodies including:

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