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BS OHSAS 18001 Rehabilitation

BS OHSAS Rehabilitation


A piece of paper will not control risks. Providing adherence to certificated standards and pursuit of a recognized accreditation does not reduce risk in its own.


Using certificated standards and recognised accreditation only works if it leads to the full engagement of managers and employees towards health and safety compliance and risk reduction. We will work with you on your floor to tell you where you are from the certification, what you need to do, how you will do it with full support from our side.


  • We provide you a self-assessment tool, which will give you instant feedback and it will let you know if you would gain / keep OHSAS 18001 certification or not, or where are you standing from the certification

  • You will get a detailed gap analysis report

  • We will support you with a SMART action plan that guides you towards the certification

  • We will provide you with cost effective solutions that will efficiently eliminate your risks or at least mitigate them to the minimum acceptable level


The ISC will not act as your consultant but it will be certainly your partner to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

Accredited Training Center

International safety college is an accredited training center recognised by industry bodies including:

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